Boat Yard

Swan Point Marina (SPM) is a “full service” and “do it yourself” yard.SPM charges a minimum of 1 hour when working on your vessel.

When services are complete, payment is expected at the time you pick up your vessel.  When statements are sent out, payment is expected by the 15th of each month.  If not paid by that time, there will be an interest charge of 10% added each month.

When working on your own vessel, your area is to be picked up of all trash each day.  Work areas inside the building are prohibited unless permission is granted.  Owner or contract labor is solely responsible for any injuries incurred while working on your vessel.  Also for any blown debris or paint spray damage to other vessels caused by work being done by you.

All contract laborers need to provide SPM with a copy of their insurance prior to working on a vessel.  There is a daily sign in sheet also for contract labors.  A copy of the contractor’s invoice will need to be turned in at the office, a 10% contractor’s fee is charged to the owner of the vessel.

When leaving a vessel in the yard, keys or lock combinations should be left inside the office.

Current addresses and phone numbers need to be kept updated.

No use of grills is allowed on the docks.

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Severe Storm Warnings! – In the event of a hurricane or sever storm warning, SPM will attempt to secure your vessel.  In a threat of a hurricane, all boats will be taken out of the basin.  Owners, you will need to come in and run your vessel to the travel lift for haul out and secure (we will be busy enough with blocking and hauling for owners that are not able to be here). In the even that there is damage to your vessel, SPM assumes no responsibility.  You will be allowed to stay on the hill for 3 days.  For those that have a wet slip you will also have 3 days and then you will be charged $10.00 per day until launched.

All removal of hazardous materials will be the responsibility of the owner or contract labor, whoever is working on the vessel.

Hauling/Launching-round trip, Pressure washing, blocking boat, and Crane services

Disposal Services
Gasoline, diesel fuel, waste oil, and trash disposal

Labor Services
Mechanical, wood boat repair, electrical, clean-up from self help labor, and bottom painting

Transit overnight, weekly, monthly, and daily dockage rates.

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